ShortSale Option

Distressed sellers need understanding, education and your help with their situation.

With increasing numbers of homeowners…

behind on their payments and upside down on their mortgages, many are turning to foreclosure as their solution. You need to save as many as you can by analyzing their situation to see if you can provide more favorable options to alleviate this.

Serious situation

This situation is serious enough that many owners are embarrassed to seek help. But if they watch this 7-minute video, they may gain enough comfort to discuss it with you. Then you can help them navigate their way through more favorable options to foreclosure.

Ineligible sellers

Some real estate agents use this video for an opposite reason…to show sellers that they are NOT eligible for a short sale and must use the traditional methods of solving their real estate situation.

Short sale designations

If you have any of the short sale designations, or the credible experience of successfully handling short sales, then you need to use this video to promote your expertise.


Original purchase: price equaled value
Economic factors affected reduced value and equity
No good options, only less painful ones
Don’t assume foreclosure is the only option.
Four options: sell, stay, rent short sale
Lenders do not want the home back
Short sale benefits: credit, time, security clearance, deficiency
Eligibility: mortgage exceeds value, hardship, shortfall, insolvency
Short sale steps
Roles of real estate agents, accountants and attorneys